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Absolutely Everyone Can Use My Shocking Secrets To Earn Between $1,200 And $15,400 USD Monthly Working From Home! (In 20 Minutes From Now!)

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First things first - you MUST add me (Viceroid) on Skype or this program will not work for you. I work very closely with my students and will "hold your hand" to ensure the highest profits.


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What are Binary Options?

Binary Options are the most simple way to make money on an asset moving up or down with a pre-determined end date/time, known as the Expiration Time. There are many online "brokers" that allow you to trade binary options, and even with no experience, you will know within 5 minutes how to place trades.

Binary Options have become very popular because they allow you to make up to 85% profit returns in as little as 60 seconds. And risk is ALWAYS known beforehand (see below).

I Will Tell You Exactly What Trades To Make!!!

If this seems at all overwhelming, DO NOT WORRY!

My program is BUILT for people who have never made ANY kind of trade before. I will tell you exactly what trades to make and when - AND, if you lose money, I will pay you $100 cash as my reimbursement.

What is the Binary Bankroll Program?

I started my Binary Bankroll Program because I was making considerable profits trading Binary Options, and I had some friends who were interested in doing the same. They didn't have a bunch of money to invest, but they were willing to learn. If this sounds like you - keep reading!

OUR TARGET... Cash Out $1,000 Profits - Over and Over

Once we chat on Skype, you will be ready to place your first trade within 15 minutes. I will tell you exactly what to do. And you will generate profits up to 85% per trade you place.

NO-RISK Trading Profits

My program is designed to give traders a NO RISK approach to trading. I will invest in your trading career. In return, you will pay me up to 20% of the trading profits we generate together AFTER you generate your first $2,500 in profits.

Extremely PERSONAL Service & Training

I will teach you everything you need to know - and you will be surprised how easy it is. You and I will become friends, and business partners. All the training will happen via email and, more importantly, SKYPE!

Your First Profits in 15 Minutes...

Once we chat on Skype, you will be ready to place your first trade within 15 minutes. I will tell you exactly what to do. And you will generate profits up to 85% per trade you place.

Why My Program Works

There are TWO very simple reasons why my Bankroll Building Program works (see below) to generate consistent profits; and I'll only share them with my team members. It is important you do NOT share what I teach you with friends without permission. It's the only way to protect the integrity of the program!

Method #1: My Trading System

I have been trading for a living for 12+ years now. I have developed a very simple system that I trade 8 hours / day. The basic details of the system are below, but you need to talk with me on Skype to get the IMPORTANT details. I will explain everything you need to know on Skype!

BUY / CALL Trades

If price crosses BELOW the bottom band, place a BUY/CALL trade.

SELL / PUT Trades

If Price crosses ABOVE the top band, place a SELL/PUT trade.


You MUST click "Indicators > Bollinger Bands" to display the bands on your chart. This is the only way the system will work. Contact me on SKYPE for the important details on this system. It will NOT make money just trading these rules.

Method #2 Expert Trade Alerts

I have a team of expert traders that I work with. They use my programmed systems to identify market opportunities that give HIGH PERCENTAGE winning probabilies. As a member of my team, you will receive these trade alerts to your email inbox every day.

IMPORTANT: Trade Alerts via Email - DAILY!

We sent you a VERIFICATION email when you signed up ... you MUST verify your email or you will not get the Trade Alerts to your inbox. This is a $199/month value, 100% free to my team members.

When you receive our Expert Trade Alerts via email - just COPY THE TRADE IN YOUR BROKER ACCOUNT!

Each Trade Alert has FOUR (4) Parts...


This will tell you what asset to trade. It can be a currency pair, stock, index, etc. Every trade we post should be available in your broker account.


This will tell you if we are BUYING (up) or SELLING (down) the asset in part 1.


Each "unit" dictates how much confidence we have in the trade. We suggest picking a nit value that makes sense for your bankroll. For us, each unit is $1,000, but it may be $10 or $100 for you (or any other number.)


There is a short note explaining why we are taking this trade in case you are interested in learning the logic.

Does my system work?

Don't listen to me ... listen to my team of traders:

I could go on ... and on ... and on ... but you get the point


$1,000 Personal Guarantee & Profit Sharing

My Promise to You...

Follow my program. I guarantee you profit $1,000+ in your first 30 days. If not, I will pay you up to $200 out of my own pocket. For EACH broker.

Your Promise to Me...

For every $1,000 profit you generate, you share a % of Profits with me (see below)